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Lena (2961)

FY 2017-2018 FTE Conversion for Revenue Limit Calculation

This web page is designed to assist school district staff with their calculation of the school district's 2017-2018 Revenue Limit. Data from this worksheet can be used in conjunction with the 2017-2018 Excel Revenue Limit worksheet located on the team's website at

District data sources for this report:

Membership for the current year is not considered audited until late May and is subject to change. Membership for a prior year is considered audited and would be adjusted only under special circumstances. Please contact a School Finance Consultant should you have questions.

The department will calculate each district's 2017-2018 final revenue limit in May, 2018 for compliance with s. 121.92 Wis. Stats.

Summer of 2017

Summer of 2017 Resident FTE8

September of 2017

Student Count
Student Count
Sum, & Round
Within Age
Preschool Special Education2.000.501.001 
4 YK - 437 hours22.000.5011.00  
4 YK - 524.5 hours0.000.600.0011 
5 YK - half day0.000.500.00  
5 YK - 3 full days0.000.600.00  
5 YK - 4 full days0.000.800.00  
5 YK - 5 full days22.001.0022.00  
5 YK - blended0.000.000.0022 
Grades 1-12375.001.00375.00375 
September of 2017 Total Resident FTE409409

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